Functions WebJET DMS

Automatic backup of documents​

Backup protects your documents from loss due to hardware failure, software error, virus attack or other unforeseen situations. Without automatic backup, you risk permanent loss of important data.

Role-based access rights

User roles allow groups of users to be assigned common access rights based on their function or role in the organization. This makes managing access rights much easier, as there is no need to set rights for each user individually.

User roles allow more precise control of access to sensitive data and resources. Users can only access information that is relevant to their role, helping to minimize the risk of misuse and improper access.

Management and categorization under one roof

Categorizing documents allows them to be organized and sorted into logical groups. In this way, it is easy and fast to find the necessary documents, which increases productivity and saves time.

Document management helps prevent duplicate documents and facilitates document sharing and collaboration. Working more efficiently with documents increases employee productivity and reduces the need to sift through large amounts of disorganized documents.

Document categorization and management allow better control of access to sensitive data. You can set access rights based on document category and ensure that only authorized users have access to important information.

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