Benefits of WebJET DMS

It will adapt to your needs

WebJET DMS is a flexible solution that gives you exactly what you ask for. We will customize it for you, from layout to processes to individual functionalities and forms.

Webjet | DMS
Webjet | DMS

Flexible document access for smooth processes

Did you need just that one document for work that was left on the work computer in the office? Online access to all documents will help you with this. Whenever and wherever you look for what you need, nothing hinders work processes. You don't even have to think about saving the document. Every document is backed up automatically so you won't lose it even if your computer is turned off.

You can easily match it with your corporate identity

It's up to you which user interface you choose. Choose your colors and logo and build your corporate identity. Together with other products of the WebJET family, it will help you create a corporate environment according to your wishes.

Webjet | DMS
Webjet | DMS

Reliable document management system

The document management system can be purchased separately or as part of the intranet solution of the WebJET product family. In addition to making document management more efficient, it will also help you with attendance and personnel management, as well as employee training in other areas of your business.

Webjet | DMS

Documents online, fast and secure

WebJET DMS adapts to you, not you to it. Swap time-consuming searches in files and folders for handy electronic documents in one place. Save time and use it more efficiently.

  • improve work flow
  • get instant access to documents from different locations, branches or regions
  • work from your mobile or tablet
  • rely on security
  • approve staff expenses and other internal documents

Everything for a business trip under one roof

Does your team often work from abroad, often participate in training or business trips? Travel orders for reimbursement of expenses can be processed with a few clicks. Create, approve and keep track of every travel order in your business. If necessary, you can export the commands to an Excel table.

Webjet | DMS
Webjet | DMS

A comprehensive overview of employee expenses

Every accountant will welcome having all expenses together. In WebJET DMS, employees can easily create an expense claim and you can approve it instantly. Purchase of technical literature, parking fees or expenses during a business trip? Add, view and stay organized.

Fast processing of internal orders

Whether you are ordering goods for the company, the entire department or for yourself, you can easily arrange it online. In the internal orders section, just enter the subject of the order and wait for electronic approval. You can also book the order, add its invoice number or edit it. Everything will reach you in time.

Webjet | DMS
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