Document management system

With the WebJET DMS solution, you and your employees can access important documents from anywhere. Travel orders, expenses or orders? We will customize WebJET DMS for you according to your needs. Keep a detailed overview, archive information and improve company workflow. Safe and fast.



8 reasons to choose WebJET DMS

  • adapting the solution to companies exactly as needed
  • access to documents from the web
  • management, categorization and automatic backup of documents
  • activity monitoring 
  • simplified approval processes
  • access rights based on user roles
  • Slovak product with Slovak localization
  • connection with existing products of the WebJET family
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How can a document management system help you?

WebJET DMS will do exactly what you need it to do. It will provide you with a detailed overview, archiving and document security. A simple, scalable and fast information system allows you to access documents from the web.

More benefits for you

Basic functionalities

WebJET DMS je jednoduchý a rýchly informačný systém, ktorý sa prispôsobí vám, nie vy jemu.

  • automatic backup of documents
  • access rights based on user roles
  • document management and categorization
  • activity monitoring 

More about the functions

Current version

We are currently distributing the WebJET 2023 version.

More information about the versions

 WebJET DMS License Overview

A system for organizing and archiving online documents.



Basic version of the system - for smaller companies and institutions.

  • up to 15 users
  • 1 domain
  • 1 instance



The most used version of the system for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions.

  • up to 50 users
  • features of the Basic license
  • option to set your own company logo and color palette (corporate identity) in user interface



A system for the more demanding - tailored to your requirements.

  • unlimited number of recipients
  • vfeatures of the Professional license
  • the possibility of implementing customized modules
  • the possibility of connceting to external applications
  • possibility to set your own company logo in the user interface and color palette (corporate identity)

 If you hace specifis requirements that are not covered by standard licenses, we can provide you with a WebJET DMS INDIVIDUAL license. Contact us for more information.

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